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I really hate spams and I'll never spam your inbox.

Proof of me getting automated cleaning leads and calls effortlessly using an ad strategy shared in this report.

Not only for getting the leads,

My Automated Lead-Gen Machine

even sends pre-made SMS and email followups and puts all leads into a list.

I, of course, did zero work thanks to all the automations.

Sometimes, I just can't keep up with new cleaning leads because new lead texts just pop up on my phone like "ding, ding, ding, ding".

It got annoying after I've gotten past the initial excitement.

Alright...sounds sweet? Let me show you how to build your Automated Lead-Gen Machine in this report.

What's in this report:

  • What's in an Automated Lead-Gen Machine

  • The No.1 mistake cleaning businesses make that's crippling your Automated Lead-Gen Machine and how to fix it

  • What kind of leads are ideal for you

  • Why organic posting on Facebook and Instagram doesn't work in 2024 

  • Why using the “Boost” button on Facebook is a waste of money almost every time

  • Why large shared-lead platforms aren't a good option anymore 

  • 3 proven social media sites you must be on where most of your leads come from

  • Another 4 proven social media sites to leverage, if you want more leads

  • How to easily maximize lead volume from your Facebook page for free, without needing extra reviews 

  • Affordable and Scalable Ways Other Cleaners Use To Generate Hot Residential and Commercial Leads On Demand

  • How to create killer ads for your cleaning business

  • How to create a killer cleaning ad offer effortlessly

  • How much ad budget do you need 

  • How to generate more jobs from existing customers 

  • How to generate more jobs from new customers 

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I really hate spams and I'll never spam your inbox.

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